BGP sessions default configuration

Route server general behaviours

Default filtering policy

NEXT_HOP attribute
AS_PATH attribute
IRRDBs prefix/origin ASN enforcement
RPKI BGP Prefix Origin Validation
Max-pref limit
Min/max prefix length
Rejected prefixes

Announcement control via BGP communities

Function Standard Extended Large
Do not announce to any client 46210:65535 None 46210:0:0
Announce to peer, even if tagged with the previous community 65499:peer_as None 46210:1:peer_as
Do not announce to peer 0:peer_as None 46210:0:peer_as
Prepend the announcing ASN once to peer 65501:peer_as None 46210:101:peer_as
Prepend the announcing ASN twice to peer 65502:peer_as None 46210:102:peer_as
Prepend the announcing ASN thrice to peer 65503:peer_as None 46210:103:peer_as
Prepend the announcing ASN once to any 46210:65500 None 46210:2:1