Company AS IPv4 /24 IPv6 /64 Location Speed Policy
BlackSun 20218 2001:504:69:8000::300 IP 1G open
BH Telecom Corp / FlexNetworks 19523 TBA TBA IP 10G coming soon
CIRA 55195 TBA TBA IP 1G not active
City of Saskatoon 394366 2001:504:69:8000::1100 IP 1G open
Cloudflare 13335 2001:504:69:8000::1000 IP 10G open
Hurricane Electric 6939 2001:504:69:8000::400 IP 10G open
Innovation Place 27628 2001:504:69:8000::100 IP 1G open
iTel Networks 16696 2001:504:69:8000::900 IP 10G conditional
Packet Clearing House 42 2001:504:69:8000::600 IP 1G open
Packet Clearing House 3856 2001:504:69:8000::601 IP 1G open
Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan Inc 393891 TBA TBA TBA 1G not active
Redbird Communications Inc 54980 TBA TBA TBA 1G not active
Saskatoon Board of Education TBA TBA TBA TBA 1G not active
Saskatchewan Research Network (SRNet) 26806 2001:504:69:8000::1200 IP 10G open
Stafford Communications 10980 2001:504:69:8000::500 IP 1G open
TekSavvy Solutions Inc 5645 2001:504:69:8000::700 IP 10G conditional
VDC Virtual Data Corp 55017 2001:504:69:8000::200 IP 1G open
YXEIX route server 1 396029 2001:504:69:8000::1 IP 1G active
YXEIX route server 2 396029 2001:504:69:8000::2 IP 1G active
If you own AS/IP resources and are interested in peering, drop us a note at peering@yxeix.ca.